How to contribute?

OpenCards is open-source software and everybody who wants to contribute some new bits to it is cordially welcome. There are different ways to contribute to our project, and most of them don’t rely on strange computer-programming skills but just on a few minutes of your time.

Support OpenCards with a small donation

The major goal of the OpenCards project is to deliver state-of-art free open-source education software. But although we would be happy to be able to develop OpenCards based on air and love only, we need some money to pay our daily ration of beer and pizza, the website fees, and a new computer in a few years.

Therefore, if you would like us to continue our efforts towards a better (and always free) OpenCards, we would welcome a little donation from your side. If possible right now, because you’re as forgetful as we are (otherwise you wouldn’t use OpenCards). Many thanks! :-)

Donations are accepted via:

Spread the word

The more people know about OpenCards, the more people will use it, the more people will contribute card-sets, ideas, bug-fixes and translations. So if you’re blogging about a related topic, just drop a note about OpenCards to your readers.

Share your knowledge

Probably the easiest way to contribute is to share your flashcard-files with the OpenCards-community. Currently there’s no fancy database system, but you’re welcome to post the files in our discussion forums. If possible prefix your posting with [flashcards] to allow users to search conveniently for contributed flashcards sets.

Make it better

Get the sources, pick an issue from the issue tracker, fix it and send pull request or a patch.

Translate it into your language

OpenCards selects its user interface language according to the interface language of OpenOffice. If the latter is not available for OpenCards it falls back to use English.

So far OpenCards was localized to the following languages: English (non-native only, so feel free to send us corrections), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Bulgarian.

Wanted: We need you to translate OpenCards into your language! We would especially welcome localization's to Arabic and Korean.

Localizing OpenCards to your language is really simple and requires approximately 2 hours of time.

  1. Check that nobody has already created a translation since the last OpenCards release. To do so, just check that there is no file called translation_<your language code>.properties in this directory
  2. Download the file
  3. Replace the text after the ‘=’ in each line with an appropriate translation
  4. Email the modified file to us (including the name of the language please)

If you find an already existing translation to be incomplete or incorrect, please don’t hesitate to send us your ideas for improvements (if possible by just patching the according translation-file and sending the modified version to us).

If you have any questions concerning the above mentioned procedure please contact us. You’re welcome, really!