About us

Why OpenCards?

As with most open source applications, OpenCards is based on our own needs. In the beginning we were just looking for a flashcard learning application, which should have the following features:

  • free and Open Source
  • cross-platform (running on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, …)
  • ultra-flexible flashcard design (vocalization, fast image copy, HTML copy&paste, Asian language support)
  • well supported flashcard-file format
  • good community support
  • abundant free card-files in the Internet

Unfortunately there were no products, which fulfilled all these needs. That’s why we’ve started the OpenCards-project.

Additionally, we think that education shouldn’t be a privilege of the rich, but should be possible and affordable for everyone. Although our resources and skills are humble, we hope to make a little contribution in order to achieve this still distant goal by developing free open source education software.

The Team

  • Holger Brandl (Developer)
  • Xavier Domont (French translation)
  • Fernando Ossandón (Spanish translation)
  • Silvio Gavagnin (Italian translation)
  • Ricardo Umpierre (Portuguese translation)
  • Akis Vassiliadis (Greek translation)
  • Stefan Stefanov (Bulgarian translation)
  • Lee Darren (Chinese translation)
  • Eberhard Herzog (Japanese translation)
  • Your name here ?? You’re welcome, really!


Besides the core team, a lot of people, companies and institutions have contributed directly or indirectly to OpenCards. Especially we would like to say many thanks to:

OpenOffice.org What would be OpenCards without it? Nothing but a weird dream. OpenOffice inspired us to implement the first version of OpenCards.
OpenCards@github The site which hosts our code-repository, the forums, the bug-tracker and much more.
A great icon library. The complete artwork of OpenCards is based on this wonderful library.
JFormDesigner For giving us the opportunity to use their great graphical user interface designer tool for the development of OpenCards.


Our major community support tool is the discussion forum hosted at our sourceforge project page. Please use them for questions, problems and suggestions of any kind.

If you think that your concern is not suitable for a public discussion, you’re welcome to contact us via email.


Other Projects

  • Movito - Movito is a movie collection manager for files, BlueRays and DVDs. It supports movies and TV-series. It automatically fetches information about your movies from the web. It comes along with a slick collection browser to explore and filter your movie collection. Movito is easy and fun to use.
  • R4Intellij - A free integration-plugin for the R programming language into Intellij IDEA


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